FireLine Multi Mission Tactical Jacket

Style #58100

Streamlined hip-length design removes bulk and provides superb freedom of movement while preventing “hike-up” when raising arms. PGI's signature radial sleeves with underarm gussets and articulated elbows with generous pleats both contour to natural arm movements and maintain cuff/glove interface through full range of motion. Rugged, tear and abrasion resistant Pioneer fabric reinforces elbows, forearms and cuffs. Insert the optional 3-layer SQUISH® elbow pads into the elbow reinforcements for additional protection against cuts and punctures from broken glass and sharp metal. Two extra-large vertical Napoleon style welt pockets on chest and large vertical waist pockets with self-locking zippers allow plenty of storage, clear harnesses and eliminate bulk. FireLine Multi Mission Tactical Jackets keep you moving with elite level efficiency, mobility and comfort.

Select a Fabric:

Agility® Tactical with FreeFAS® DWR Finish (PFAS-Free)
Delivering adaptive protection, Agility® Tactical combines maximum protection and comfort with increased flexibility. This ultra-lightweight fabric features Enforce Technology to ensure a balanced fabric that promises strength, durability and increased mobility, making it the ideal fabric choice for tight spaces and difficult extrications.

Sigma 4 Star with PF Zero DWR Finish (PFAS-Free)
Twill weave with durable water repellent finish. Inherently flame resistant and does not melt, drip or burn after exposure to heat or flame. Solution-dyed which maintains colorfastness and appearance better than other fabrics on the market. Sigma is exceptionally comfortable due to soft, supple hand and superb wicking abilities, keeping the wearer cooler and drier.

Nomex® IIIA with FreeFAS® DWR Finish (PFAS-Free)
Nomex® IIIA has been the decades-long standard which other FR fabrics use for comparison. Extremely reliable FR fabric with over 50 years of proven protection in the firefighting industry. Nomex® IIIA resists acids, alkalis and industrial lubricants. Easy to wash and dry with very low shrinkage. Fabric combines mechanical strength with dependable abrasion and tear resistance for a long wear life.

Westex Synergy® Pro with Hydropel DWR Finish (PFAS-Free)
Similar flame resistance and durability to Nomex® IIIA at a more affordable price. A softer, more advanced outer shell fabric engineered to outperform other leading aramid fabrics when it comes to hand and appearance. This innovative fabric delivers maximum levels of comfort with inherent FR protection. Westex Synergy® Pro has superior color uniformity and maintains its appearance keeping your crew looking professional even after repeated industrial washes.

Westex DH® Rip-Twill with Hydropel DWR Finish (PFAS-Free)
A patented, tri-certified (NFPA 1951, NFPA 1977 and ANSI 107) fabric, Westex DH® Rip-Twill is engineered to manage moisture and breathe better than other leading FR fabrics. With a low propensity for pilling, this exceptionally comfortable fabric gives first responders a more professional look. Fabric also incorporates a unique rip-twill weave for outstanding durability and tear resistance.

Select a Color:

Select a 3M Scotchlite Retroreflective 2" Trim Package:

Silver Reflective Trim
Lime/Yellow/Silver Reflective Triple Trim
Red/Orange/Silver Reflective Triple Trim
Silver Segmented Reflective Trim on Black Nomex® Tape
Lime/Yellow/Silver Segmented Reflective Triple Trim on Black Nomex® Tape
Red/Orange/Silver Segmented Reflective Triple Trim on Black Nomex® Tape
ANSI 107, Class 3, Type "P" Silver Reflective Trim
ANSI 107, Class 3, Type "P" Silver Segmented Reflective Trim on Black Nomex® Tape

FDNY Style, two rows of trim sewn around body and sleeves.

Customized Product Number:

Garment: 58100-00-_ _ _ _ _ _
Trim: _ _-_ _



34" - 36"
38" - 40"
42" - 44"
46" - 48"
50" - 52"
54" - 56"
58" - 60"

Short Length - 1½" shorter sleeve and body length.
Long Length - 1½" longer sleeve and body length.



Personalize Your Gear

Self-Material Banners Attached to Back [Use (98) Suffix for Black Banner]
#FL-3116" (w) x 5" (h) Banner Sewn on Back
#FL-4816" (w) x 5" (h) Banner with Hook and Loop
#FL-5016" (w) x 8" (h) Banner Sewn on Back
#FL-8220" (w) x 5" (h) Banner Sewn on Back
#FL-8520" (w) x 5" (h) Banner with Hook and Loop
Nomex® Embroidered Sleeve Patches
#FL-92-1American Flag (Left Arm)
#FL-92-2American Flag (Right Arm)
#FL-92-3Fire Department Shield (Right Arm)
Flame Resistant Reflective Heat Set Letters on Back
2" Silver Letters
2" Lime/Yellow Letters
2" Red/Orange Letters
3" Silver Letters
3" Lime/Yellow Letters
3" Red/Orange Letters
Additional Options
#FL-95Para-Aramid Reinforced SQUISH® Honeycomb Silicone Elbow Pads
#FL-101Detachable and Adjustable Radio Pocket

Additional Options to Personalize Your Gear
Custom Flame Resistant Nomex® Patches, Silk-Screening, Reflective Patches, Ink Heat Transfers, Emblems and Direct Heat Transfers and Color Print Sublimated Patches and Emblems. Email specific artwork with quantities desired for quotation.


The Power of the Honeycomb

SQUISH® Pad Technology is designed with an array of honeycomb structure walls and cavities that work together to provide super comfort and improved protection. Unlike foam pad inserts that provide very little protection or support, SQUISH® pads protect like hard shell pads without the weight or discomfort. A lightweight, low-profile design offers maximum defense against concrete, rock and steel. SQUISH® pads are non-porous, resisting water and sweat, so no need to worry about bacteria or microbial growth. Exclusive to FireLine Multi Mission garments, these SQUISH® pads are virtually indestructible, will not flatten and will last for the life of the garment. SQUISH® pads are laundry safe and encased within high-strength para-aramid needle punch felt and Nomex® IIIA woven fabric for increased flame, cut and puncture resistance.

SQUISH® pads are easy to remove and reload through the hook and loop opening on bottom edges of reinforced elbows and knees. Note: SQUISH® pads are not UL Certified.

Pioneer Reinforcement Fabric

Pioneer with FreeFAS® DWR Finish (PFAS-Free) twill weave fabric with Enforce Technology transforms high strength Kevlar® fibers into super-strong strands spun into a double-helix formation. A lightweight, flexible fabric, virtually impossible to tear. Pioneer includes a durable water repellent finish with enhanced abrasion resistance. Unmatched performance as a reinforcement in high-wear areas such as knees, elbows and cuffs.

Product Line

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FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Tactical Pants

FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Field Coat

FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Field Coat

FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Field Pants

FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Field Pants

FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Jumpsuit

FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission Jumpsuit

Dual Certified and More

All FireLineâ„¢ Multi Mission garments meet or exceed both the NFPA 1951 Standard on Utility Technical Rescue for Protective Apparel, where exposure to physical and thermal hazards are expected, as well as the NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting, current editions. UL Certified.